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Shop Your Favourite Blend

Create the perfect gift! Choose three flavoursome blends which will be gift wrapped by Bear & Woodpecker. The ideal gift for foodie lovers! 


Choose from: 

Zesty (40g)

Chili Hot Lips (30g)

Chili After Burner (30g)

Chili Carolina Stand Off (30g)

Magnificent Seven (40g)

Za'atar (40g)

Cajun (40g)

Jamaican Jerk (40g)

Japanese Seasoning (40g)

Thai 7 Spice (40g)

The Italian Job (30g)

Tikka Masala (40g)

Herbs de Triomphe (30g)

Harissa (40g)

Ras El Hanout (40g)

Oriental Five Spice (40g)

Greece (30g)

Kent Steamer (40g)

Bombay Social (40g)

Dukka (40g)

Bear Grills (40g)

Garam Masala (40g)

Gunpowder (40g)

Simply write your three chosen flavours in the box above! 

Gift Box - Create Your Own (3 blends)


    Gift Packs

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